Konteinerių pervežimo efektyvumo analizė 2

Konteinerių pervežimo efektyvumo analizė 2

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Effective containers carriage analysis according to containers ship ‘Norasia Alya‘

Higher, non-university type, studies graduation paper about containers carriage, its charge and income. This graduation paper consists of 37 pages, 13 pictures, 9 charts, 16 literary items and 1 annex.
The main idea, problem. Total world trade shipping tonnage and freight size constantly grow, as a result special container ships demand is increasing. Moreover, the containers carriage price is also a very significant point.
Research object – the containers carriage charge, income and economical benefit.
Research aim – to analyse the effective containers carriage according to container ship ‘Norasia Alya‘.
1. To ascertain the main notions which are used in the graduation paper;
2. To analyse the main seacraft charges’ groups;
3. To explore the container ship charges and income results.
Research methods – literature and the internet database analysis, statistical data interpretation and generalization.
Conclusions and proposals. All kinds of charges which influence freight price were discussed in this graduation paper. According to the given information, global economical and political situation we can make the conclusion that freight prices will not grow but will be steady. The Baltic region is very promising in containers loading, so Klaipeda seaport containers terminal stations’ operators should use them better and intensify labour there.

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